UDCS Policy

UDCS Consulting is committed to providing an engineering survey, detailed design and engineering consultancy that meets the needs of the electrical utility, mining and private sectors.

Management have a firm commitment to a whole of team approach to projects. This ensures that management, supervisory and front line staff have ‘buy in’, are motivated and committed to achieve a best for project outcome for our clients.


The aim of UDCS Consulting is for an environment where risk of disease or injury created by the workplace, workplace activities or plant and equipment as a minimum meets current legislation and where possible exceeds these requirements. When we look at this issue we consider not only our staff but construction contractors and the public.

As a design consultant it is our aim to build ‘safety first’ into our base thinking when we approach each and every project.

Human Resources

UDCS Consulting invests in the continual training and development of staff’s skills. These skill enhancements assuring us of productivity improvements going forward.

As future pay rises for individual staff members are tied to skill enhancements and project outcomes this has allowed us to minimise any industrial issues within the company.

Equal Employment

UDCS Consulting is an equal opportunity employer working within the terms of Federal and State guidelines. Employees and subcontractors are engaged and promoted based on merit without reference to race, gender or colour.


UDCS Consulting aim to provide design leading to workmanship and products to a standard that will comply with legislation and client specifications. As a minimum standard we aim to ensure compliance with the Environmental Protection Act 1994.


UDCS Consulting holds a JASANZ accredited certificate for AS/NZS ISO 9001. It is the objective of management to provide a practical, economical and reliable product that is conforming to contractual and statutory requirements within this certified system.